Next Luncheon 10/11/16


Sorry to be the bearer of sad news. Marian Calacal phoned me tonight to notify me that Robert is in Hospice Care & his doctor predicted that his time to pass is drawing near. He eats very little, is nauseous a lot and sleeps a lot. However, he is not yet taking morphine. She recommends that if  anyone wants to see him, they should visit ASAP - before the holiday season. Please phone in advance.  And/or phone visit. Call his cell phone first but be aware that he has a strange message that ‘you have reached a bank '(can't remember which bank). If he doesn’t answer, phone Marian & land line & leave message. Following are phone #s:

Robert (707) 322-1893

Marian (707) 372-2357

Land L (707) 426-3610

Please pass along.


On the eve of the our last luncheon, I lost my mother. Thank you for your calls, emails and messages. I’m OK, she prepared me for this day. See you soon, if God chooses!


(1) Claire Zvanski - *President - Retired Employees of the City and County of San Francisco. Ms Zvanski is encouraging all retirees to become members.


I made a proposal to move the luncheon to John’s Grill on Ellis Street. (Proposal

2/27/14 - It looks like 2nd Tuesdays are not good for our luncheon. We are clashing with another group for space and they have seniority. So I will look into another day. 

2/11/14 - To my understand, the law suit against Muni has been resolve for the people who worked in 1984. At this time I have no details. You may want to contact: Randy Goetzl 415-350-6846 (cell) (email) or Leon Booker 510-915-2825 (cell) (email).