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❝ The Longer You Live, The More People Will Die Around You!

If You Are Over Seventy, You Are Living On Somebody Else’s Time. ❞

                                                               Vera B. Owens

Vera B. Owens 12/31/1922 - 7/12/2016

Birthplace: Hancock County, Georgia USA

Robert L. Owens 8/30/1918 - 1/31/2009

Birthplace:  Greenville, South Carolina USA

Robert E Owens Sr

All About Me & My Struggle In Life. 

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"No Shame In My Game”.

❝ I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ❞

Maya Angelou 

Oh, I've been informed. A few of you that are

not familiar with some of the functions of a

computer may be having difficult navigating my

web site. I can help you with this in many ways.

Phone, email and even over the internet. But in

the meantime I'll try to keep an up-date of the

pages below:

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Cable Car - 14 Sep

REOs Sport Station -  29 Sep

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HEAVY - 9 July

TALK TO ME - 12 May

" Seven Decades " - 1 Sep

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YOU - 25 Aug 

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Robert E. Owens Sr.

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