First Black General in The Marines Dies At 83

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A MARINE and Superman once fought each other on a bet… The loser had to start wearing his underwear on the outside of his pants.

Most MARINES have a grizzly bear carpet in their room... The bear isn't dead; it's just afraid to move.

The MARINES have already been to Mars; that's why there are no signs of life.

Ghosts sit around the campfire and tell MARINE CORPS stories.

A MARINE can cut through a hot knife with butter.

Death once had a near-MARINE experience.

The MARINES are the reason why Waldo is hiding.

A MARINE can slam a revolving door.

When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for US MARINES.

A MARINE once kicked a horse in the chin... Its descendants are known today as Giraffes.

A MARINE once got bit by a rattle snake... After three days of pain and agony – the rattle snake died.

When A MARINE does a pushup, he isn't lifting himself up, he's pushing the Earth down.

When a MARINE throws you into a bottomless pit, you hit the bottom.

A MARINE does not sleep... He waits.

A MARINE once made a Happy Meal cry.

You NEVER slap a MARINE.

A MARINE called 911 to order Chinese food and got it...

Guns are warned not to play with the MARINES.

A MARINE can give aspirin a headache.


Semper Fi

What I like about the Marine Corps

I like the fact that if you are a self-declared enemy of America, running into a Marine outfit in combat is your worst nightmare

and your health record is about to get a lot thicker or be closed out entirely!

I like the fact Marines are steadfast and consistent in everything they do...regardless if you agree with them or not.

I like the fact that Marines hold the term "politically correct" with nothing but pure disdain.

I like the fact that Marines stand tall and rigid in their actions, thoughts, and deeds when others bend with the direction of the wind

and are as confused as a dog looking at a ceiling fan!

I like the fact that each and every Marine considers the honor and legacy of the Corps as his personal and sacred trust to protect and defend.

I like the fact that most civilians don't have a clue what makes us tick! And that's not a bad thing.

Because if they did, it would probably scare the hell out of them!

I like the fact that others say they want to be like us, but don't have what it takes in the "PAIN-GAIN-PRIDE" department to make it happen.

I like the fact that the Marines came into being in a bar, Tun Tavern, and that Marines still gather in pubs, bars and slop chutes to share sea stories and hot scoop!

I like the fact that Marines do not consider it a coincidence that there are 24 hours in a day and 24 beers in a case. 

Because Marines know there is a reason for everything that happens!

I like our motto...SEMPER FIDELIS...and the fact that we don't shed it when the going gets tough, the battlefield gets deadly, or when we hang up our uniform for the last time.

I like the fact that Marines take care of each combat and time of peace.

I like the fact that Marines know the difference between "Chicken Salad" and "Chicken Shit" and aren't afraid to call either for what it is!

I like the fact that the people of America hold Marines in the highest esteem and they know they can count on us to locate, close with, and destroy those who would harm them!

I like the fact that people think we are cocky....yet we know we have confidence in everything we do and the fact they don't know the taste of that makes them look at us as if we are arrogant!

I like that fact that we know the taste of freedom and would give our very lives for it!  And that it is a taste the protected will never know!

I like the fact that Ronald Reagan said..."Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have made a difference in the world. Marines don't have that problem."

I like the fact that we are brothers to the end...and no matter what happens in life we know we have one another's "six"!

I like the fact that a couple of years ago an elected member of congress felt compelled to publicly accuse the Marine Corp of being "radical and extreme".

I like the fact that our Commandant informed that member of Congress that he was absolutely correct and that he passed on his thanks for the compliment!

I like the fact that Marine leaders --- of every rank --- know that issuing every man and woman a black beret --- or polka-dotted boxer shorts for that matter does absolutely nothing to promote morale, fighting spirit or combat effectiveness.

I like the fact that Marines are Marines first...regardless of age, race, creed, color, sex, and national origin or how long they served or what goals they achieve in life!

I like Marines...and I love the fact that I am able to be humbled to walk along the ranks of other Marines!

I like the fact that you always know where you stand with a Marine!

With Marines, there is no middle ground or gray area.

There are only missions, objectives, and facts.

Some of My History in The Corps:

Lance Corporal Robert E Owens 1920921

July 7, 1960 - January 6, 1965

Job - 1391 - Bulkman


Qualified Expert Rifle & Pistol

High Man On Rifle Range In Boot Camp

Reward Pfc. in Boot Camp

Rifle (M1) Score In Boot Camp (222 out of 250)

Last Qualified In 1964 Rifle M1 (247 out of 250)

Won Bronze Medal In Division Match

Camp Hansen, Okinawa (1963)

Won Bronze Medal In Division Match

Camp Lejeune, North Carolina (1964)

Good Conduct Medal (1963)

Ships On For Over One Month:

USS Graham County LST 1176 (1961)

USS DeSoto County LST 1171 (1962)

USS Pickaway APA 222 (1963)

Disembark The USS Pickaway on November 22, 1963 in Oakland, CA Coming From Okinawa.

Music - The Marine Corps Hymn

by John Philip Sousa

© Robert E Owens Sr 2012